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OLD MAN EP (Liner Notes) The album liner notes for the Digital EP "Old Man" The Luna Sessions 1.88 MB


Would You (Anniversary Song) 

Music and lyrics by Brad Sharp


I’ve sung a thousand songs to you Trying to match some words
To the feeling in my core
Hoping you might feel adored

Words and sounds don’t always prove How my world has changed
Since you first let me in
To the place no one had been

Never believing in me
In you I saw where I should be You gave me life on that day When you vowed forever to stay


Would you do it all again?
Would you choose me
In a crowd of qualified men?
Would you do it all again?
If given the…

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Old Man 

Old Man
Music and Lyrics by Brad Sharp / Music by Jamieson Trotter


Back in the day,

All of the girlies would look my way

Saying boy that man can play

Now them days have gone away - Thank ya now!



Well I go by Ol’ Joe, Willie, Slim or Slo’ Mo

Been around the block a few times with my soul

Contemplate these names given

Wonder how they came to be

While I forecast rain from my decaying knee


Singing songs from deep within me

On this bench that kinda fit me

To rest my busted frame that’s…

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Music and Lyrics by Brad Sharp

Walkin’ down the street
Not knowing where I’d been

Wrestling pretty words of demons

As they whispered within


The sky had been gray

Without a cloud in the sky

Seemed desolate situations

Made me wanna cry out


What’s in this world 

To cherish and adore

Deception and despair 

Demand equal doors

My favorite colors 

Are changing in hue

I struggled with my faith

Until I met you


You gave me Beautiful



Never knowing worth of progress 

To take a…

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