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  1. Beautiful

From the recording Old Man: The Luna Sessions

Lead and BGV: Brad Sharp
Keys: Jamieson Trotter
Guitars: Mick Taras
Drums: Paul Alexander Gonzalez
Bass: Leo Nobre


Music and Lyrics by Brad Sharp

Walkin’ down the street
Not knowing where I’d been
Wrestling pretty words of demons
As they whispered within

The sky had been gray
Without a cloud in the sky
Seemed desolate situations
Made me wanna cry out

What’s in this world
To cherish and adore
Deception and despair
Demand equal doors
My favorite colors
Are changing in hue
I struggled with my faith
Until I met you

You gave me Beautiful

Never knowing worth of progress
To take a compliment
Always feeling too unworthy
So insignificant

My pride had been scarred
From the words thrown at me
Head hanging to the ground
But still asking to see

Who in this world
Would cherish and adore me
I‘ve traveled too much baggage
For some one to drag for me
All My colors had faded to gray
My image was nothing
Your essence found a way

To make me Beautiful
You made me Beautiful

Now I face a different morning
To have you in my life
Now my eyes open smiling
And everything’s right

Your love was my cure
The one thing that I need
To let go of my fear
And Allowed me to see

You are the one
I cherish and adore
There is nothing in this world
I won’t do for you
All your colors
Exquisite and bright
Upon my soul’s canvas
Have painted paradise
Now You are My life

You are my Beautiful

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